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Students ...!

The students of Early Learning School grow up before our eyes, and all too soon they graduate - and it fills our hearts with joy when so many of them enter Secondary School. When Ariho Ronald, one of our EELS graduates, placed first in his Secondary 4 class - there's no way to describe our pride and happiness ...

Ronald (left, with Headmistress Agnes Biryahwaho) and Sesemazi Winston (above, with Head Teacher Esudu Harmon) came back to visit recently, and share their Certificates with our staff -- and show us the Secondary graduation photo (below) of EELS graduates.

(NOTE: our school system in Uganda has three main levels of study in both the public and private sectors - Primary 1 through 7, which is the focus of Entebbe Early Learning School, followed by Secondary 1 through 5, and then College or University. We also have Nursey Schools for the youngest children, and Technical Schools for post-Secondary education.)

Many of the students who attend Entebbe Early Learning School have no primary family, for various reasons ... some of these children live at the school, others live with relatives or caring, giving neighbors. Unfortunately, one of the first casualties of this kind of arrangement is 'family unity' ...

To address this issue, Headmistress Agnes has organized the entire school into 'Families' - every member of the school is in a Family, including our cook ...! The Families play an important part in our lives - every child has a sense of belonging ...

Each Family is led by an adult, who organizes activities to develop each child's talent ... every family member receives the love and counseling they wouldn't have otherwise ...

Entebbe Early Learning School is many things - a private elementary school, a boarding school, and a home to many children who have nowhere else to live. Some are indeed orphans whose parents have passed away, disappeared or been incarcerated ... some have simply been abandoned. Were it not for EELS, most of these children would be homeless, living on the streets.

Early Learning School is now their home, and we are the only "family" they have. Would you like to help by funding a Scholarship for one of these children ...?

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